Dental Crowns

Most dentistry looks like dentistry. Our goal is to provide dentistry that is undetectable. We replace existing dental crowns and fillings with restorations that look and feel like your natural teeth.

There are several different reasons for a tooth to be crowned. A dental crown may be needed to protect a weak tooth (a tooth that has a large cavity in it, or a tooth that’s broken, or fractured). They can restore a tooth that has been severely worn down. Crowns are also diagnosed to restore teeth that have existing fillings that have broken down over time, and are already replacing 40%-50% of a tooth.

Zirconia offers superior strength and durability for dental prosthetics. It is at least three times stronger than porcelain or PFM restorations. Unlike porcelain, zirconia can withstand wear and tear without chipping, which is why zirconia restorations tolerate extreme chewing and bruxism.

This is an extremely reliable technique for repairing the most severe of dental problems, even permanently replacing missing teeth to offer a complete smile and a functional bite. We are renowned for the quality of our work and the fantastic changes we make for people using this technology. These treatments are used for a long-lasting correction of major dental problems. It is usual for these treatments to last for 20 to 30 years, which is as close to permanent as dental treatment can get.

How Long Does It Take To Fit A Dental Crown?

Fitting a crown requires at least two visits to our office. Initially, we will remove decay, shape the tooth, and fit it with a temporary crown of either plastic or metal.

On the subsequent visit, we will remove the temporary crown and then fit and adjust the final crown. Finally, we will cement the crown into place and you have a new beautiful looking tooth.

Key Benefits Of Dental Crowns

  • Offers support to misshapen teeth or badly broken teeth
  • Looks completely natural
  • Fixes “smile” and functional chewing problems
  • Offers people a chance to do a smile makeover, giving them a smile they’re proud of and comfortable in.

What Are The Capabilites Of Crowns?

Crown and bridgework is a very reliable solution for major dental problems caused through accidents, diseases or wear and tear. Major problems can usually be corrected using these techniques.  Where accidental damage has occurred, resulting in lost teeth, or where teeth have broken away through excessive wear, or as the result of old fillings breaking, dental crowns and/or dental bridges can be used as a long-term solution.

Many people have pain from back teeth which is usually due to hairline cracks in the chewing surface of the tooth.Placing crowns on these teeth almost always resolves the pain and restores the tooth back to normal. In some instances, further treatment may be needed depending on the extent of the tooth’s injury. 

In front teeth, older fillings can both weaken the teeth and cause “appearance” problems due to leaking, staining, or chipping. We use our front teeth to “cut in to or tear” as we eat and just like anything else, they need maintenance over time. Crowns can restore these teeth back to their former function and glory, or maybe give a more pleasing result!

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